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To help users make a better financial decision
by providing them with

More Knowledge

You can browse all through the Egyptian financial market. Learn about different financial products/services for free.

Less Time Wasted

No need to wait in queues. visit different financial institutions in one place

More Money Saved

Avoid making wrong financial decisions by having full knowledge of the product before making the decision. Also using Noqood's offers and promotions will save you a lot


All you need to know about financial markets, products and services in one place

  • Banking Products
    • Loan & Debt Burden Calculation
    • Currencies
    • Credit Cards
    • Car Loans
    • Personal Loans
    • Certificates of deposit
    • E-wallet
  • Stock Market
    • Securities Brokerage
    • Stock Prices
    • Reports and Analysis
  • Financial Education
    • Know all about investment and saving , stock market, insurance and banking.
    • Library
    • Glossary
      Know all about the financial terminologies
  • News
    keep updated with the latest financial and economic news

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Then answer the second question based on the product you choose.

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Check all the results available to you according to your answers

which indicates your preferences / circumstances


mark 2 of the best available options and compare

between items and view more of the product details


Apply to the most relevant product

we will link you to the service provider

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