How to Win the Stock Market Game?

Every investor wants to make money in stocks, irrespective of the level of experience. The best advice in investing is diversification of investments, the idea is to create a portfolio that includes multiple investments in order to reduce risk. One of the most important investments around the world is the stock market.

How to invest in stock market?

Trading on the Egyptian exchange requires opening an account with a brokerage firm that is a member of the exchange. You can choose between to invest on your own or with a broker who gives you advice about the shares.

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Do your research

Learn more about the company you are interested in. Start with the company’s reports, research the company’s leadership and follow up the fundamental & technical reports on Noqood.

Understand what type of trader you are

You have to set a time horizon for investment and understand your risk tolerance. You can check Ready for first day of investment article. It will help you to identify what type of trader you are.

Avoid herd mentality

The decision to buy or sell a stock should not depend on what your friends or relatives say.

Avoid such strategies as they don’t work well in the long run. Follow professional advices before you take the decision and don’t make actions based on rumors in the market.


Investing in the stock market requires regular tracking of news and company-related events, which may impact the stock price.

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Invest only surplus funds

An investor should only invest surplus funds, or money s/he doesn’t need in the short to medium term, in stocks. If you are beginner in trade, always use your surplus funds for investing. Once you start gaining profits, use the same amount to re-invest.