E- Wallets Benefits

How Mobile Wallets Can Make Your Daily Life Easier 

E-wallets or digital wallets are online service that allows an individual to make electronic transactions. People rarely forget their mobile phones before leaving home, but they can easily forget their physical wallets. You don’t need to be a bank user or have a bank account to have an e-wallet. If you have cash, you can recharge your e-wallet through ATM or if you are a bank user, you can transfer money from your account to e-wallet in just few steps. 

Pay your different types of bills including Telecom, internet, utility and traffic fees. You can also transfer money from the wallet to any other wallet user and issue a virtual online card. 


Easy to use 

  •  Fill in a registration form at any bank branch 
  • You will receive SMS contains the activation code
  • Download E-wallet App
  • Enter the registered mobile number 
  • Enter the Activation Code received by SMS
  • Initiate Mobile PIN  

If you are not a bank customer, don’t worry. You can register with any bank or other e-wallets provider; Etisalat, Orange or Vodafone. You can have up to 3 ewallets with different providers by your national ID, but only one e-wallet can be linked to your mobile number. You can also register in any bank with your national ID and personal phone number. 


Safe and secure

Your money and personal details are safe when you use an e-wallet. All of your account information is encrypted. You will need to enter your password in each transaction. You can also issue a temporary virtual card with your desired amount to be used for online purchases. This virtual card only works for 24 hours and can be used one time only. 


They can save you time

You can also make online payments in just a few clicks with an e-wallet. If you are not a bank user, you can deposit money in your wallet through ATMs, agents, and bank accounts. 


Easy to transfer money

You can transfer money in-between mobile wallet holders in Egypt in an easy and fast way. 

 Online wallets have spread significantly in Egypt and achieved about 11 million wallets, of which 10 million wallets are active. It helps users receive money, complete purchases and pay most of their bills at minimal to no cost. Also, adopting e-payment methods is part of the national program for economic reform and the State's orientations towards shifting the society into a digital one. You can apply for the service for free by filling an application at any of your bank branches. 


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