“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep" - Robert Kiyosaki 

Minor changes in everyday habits can actually help you save up for your future without making so much effort. You don’t have to go through a very frugal lifestyle and feel like you're giving up too much.

Just follow those magical tips and you will be surprised by how much these very tiny details would help you save money on the long run:

1. Switch to LED lighting:

Switching to LED lighting is a great way to reduce the electricity consumption. To start with, its life span exceeds the normal lighting life span, which means that you won’t need to buy LED lighting as frequently. Not to mention the fact that LED lighting saves up to 70% of electricity and they last 20 times longer.

2. Save gas:

When it comes to gas, here are some habits that would help you in saving a significant amount of money at the end of each month.

  • Walking to nearby locations instead of driving. This will not only help you save some fuel but also get some exercise as well
  • Having a perfectly inflated tires helps reduce gas consumption by 8%
  • Carpooling to work is one of the great ways that can also help you cut down on monthly fuel costs

3. Save water:

One of the very common water wasting mistakes that most of us don't pay attention to is, not turning off the tap while brushing our teeth when this can actually saves us around 6 liters of water per minute. Another simple yet effective way is boiling just the cups of water you need, it will not only save you water but also electricity .

Using full loads in your washing machine and dish washer will definitely save you more water and energy which means lower bills and it will even save you more time by cutting out unnecessary washes in between

4. Buy used when you can You:

can find the exact same thing you are looking for but for a much cheaper price if it's used, it can even be as good as the new. Sometimes things are only used once yet still cost so much less than buying something brand new.

5. Unplug unused devices:

Have you ever felt like the amount you should pay for electricity seems much higher than your consumption? We have all been there and here is why. It's the little things like leaving our devices plugged in, even when we are not using them and thinking like it's no big deal! But actually, it is...it makes us pay more every month when we could be saving this money instead.

6. Get a room mate:

So, you have an extra space in your apartment? Why not bring a roommate to share that space with you and split the monthly rent and bills with you as well which would end up reducing your costs a great deal and help you add this money into your savings.

7. Sell old stuff:

Nowadays selling your old stuff is easier than ever, with all the available garages and online platforms in which you can sell your old unused stuff. It is not only a great way to help you get extra money from things you are already not using, but also it will clear some space and hence, leaving you with a win-win situation.

8. Use cab-sharing services:

Why pay more when you can pay less for the same exact ride? Cab sharing services are very practical and effective when it comes to saving some extra cash on a daily basis.

9. Manage smoking:

At the end of the month if you calculated how much an average smoker spends on smoking, it is quite an enormous percentage of the monthly income. When actually just by cutting the consumption by half you can save up a great amount. A research was done in 2014 that an average Egyptian smoker spends around 9142 Egyptian pounds yearly on smoking so reducing the consumption by half can help in saving 4571 Egyptian pounds yearly

* ALL IN ALL, never underestimate the amount of money you could end up saving just by following those simple tips. Always remember saving money is super important simply because it allows you to enjoy greater security in your life. If you have cash set aside for emergencies, you have a fallback if something unexpected happen. Also savings gives you the courage and allows you to take risks or try new things.