How to deal with “عideyah”?

Eideyah is a gift given to someone as part of the celebration of the two Muslim holidays, Eid al-Fitr and eid al Adha. It usually takes the form of money, and is given by adults to the children of the family. It doesn’t depend on age, there are a lot of adults that still take eidyah from their parents as they used to do. This year try to take advantage of the money that come without effort. 

  Save for something big 

Save all your eideyah and buy something big for yourself that you have always wanted to get. After two months from now, you will get your second eideyah for Eid al Adha. You can wait and buy a smart phone if you don’t have one or a book you always wanted to read. It should be something long-lasting and useful. 


 Travel around the city 

Explore the unexplored. Travel around the city or try to see new cities in Egypt. Travelling in your country has a lot of advantages. It is affordable, you can visit your friends and you will learn more about your country’s history. 



If you have no plans for spending your eidyah or you want to feel satisfied spending your eidyah, then the least you can do is donate your eidyah to a charity foundation. 


 Make your younger sister or brother feel special 

Act like an adult. If you have younger siblings, give them eideyah even if they are only a year younger than you. Help them to understand the reason and meaning of giving eideyah.  



Buy some gold, a few prize bonds or some shares from the stock market and reap the benefits of a wise decision for a longer time. Know everything about investment, before you take your decision.